How To Keep The Sump Pump Running In A Sump Pump Basin

Do you have a sump pump? A sump pump is a vital machine that you use to remove excess water or flood in your basement. How do you keep it running to ensure you never have a problem with flooding? First, you have to ensure that your best sump pump is properly installed. The second and most essential thing is to ensure its working properly from any defect. In this article, I’ll explain the various causes of sump pump failing and how to ensure it never fails you:

How Does A Sump Pump Fail?

Sump pumps are mechanical devices that are prone to malfunctioning and especially after using it wrongly. Among that, in the market, there are many models, brands, and types of these sump pump where some of them are poorly designed or built cheaply. The other reason why you might have a failure is because of improper installation that less to ineffective functioning or under-performance.

How Should You Fix A Failing Pump?

  • Working Sump Pump But No Available Water In Sump Pit

If you’re facing this problem, it’s most likely you have a problem with pump installation. However, you might also find that the pump isn’t installed in your drainage system. A sump pump will function properly when the drain tile that is installed internally in the basement or externally. When designing a basement drainage system, it should collect water and channel it out to discharge into the pit.

When the drain clogs, collapses or not properly installed, it can’t divert water correctly. When you have the best sum pump, it should keep the basement dry.

If you’re facing such a condition, you have to get the drainage system fixed. If you don’t have one, then you can install one.

  • Clogged Sump Pumps

For an open sump pump, it isn’t just a sad sight because it can also clog up. For example, when your sump pump lacks a lid, it will clog with time such that it slowly malfunction or stop entirely.

When you face such a condition with your sump pump, look for a plumber to inspect it. You’ll know whether you need to repair it or replace with another sump pump.

After replacing the sump pump, ensure you seal it properly with airtight sealed lid preventing debris.

  • Overwhelmed Sump Pump

It depends on flooding or the area and you discover that in some basement, a single sump pump will not enough. The pump you’ve might not be having enough power or reliable to handle the amount of water coming in.

The pump quality, on the other hand, is vital. For example, having a cheap or plastic model will fail or burn out when needed. If you’re in such a condition, you’ve to upgrade the sump pump or add a battery backup. In some cases, you’ll need to have two or more sump pumps that you’ll install at basement corners.

  • Clogged Or Frozen Discharge Lines

When you have a sump pump, it will expel water collected through the discharge lines. If the discharge lines will freeze or clog, it means that the system will have to fail. You have to ensure that you don’t let the discharge line to clog or freeze by installing an ice guard.