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If you are looking for professional plumbing solutions in Melbourne for 24/7 support, then your search ends here. Plumber of Your Choice offers the best plumbing solutions at the most competitive and fair prices. We boast a team of highly skilled and experienced plumbers who can solve all your plumbing issues, be it clogged drains or toilets or broken pipes.

We take pride in providing maximum satisfaction to our customers with our same day service guarantee. Our 24/7 support system helps our customers to register their complaints at any moment and we shall provide swift support in the shortest time possible.

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Maintenance, repairs and installation of water heaters.
  • Cleaning of clogged toilets and drains
  • Installation, repair and replacement of faucets.
  • All generic plumbing services including gas line and pipes leakage repair.

Our customers have rated us among the best plumbing service providers across Melbourne. We have met all the expectations of our clients with our dedicated and continuous support to them, even during holidays and post working hours.

Our plumbers are dedicated to work with efficiency rather than the time and money wasting tactics used by other plumbers. Our plumbers are professional in their work and your satisfaction is their ultimate goal. Whether you need repairs or replacement services of water heating systems or just a knowhow of the various hot water boilers, faucets or other appliances available in the market, our plumbers will provide you with everything you need and more than that.

Call our helpline any time of the day and rest assured; your plumbing issues are bound to end within 24 hours. Leaking pipes or just preventive maintenance, we at Plumber of Your Choice ensure that we not only serve you efficiently and swiftly but also fit into your budget.

We offer

Tap Repairs
Toilet Repair
Blocked Drains
Hot Water Repairs

Our Professionalism Is Second to None

When you are searching for plumber in Melbourne, you not only want them to be experienced and know what they are doing, but also that they can handle the job in a friendly and customer service-oriented manner. These people will be coming into your home or office to perform the work you need completed, so they must be not only knowledgeable and experienced, but friendly and professional enough for you to trust them. At Plumber of Your Choice, all our employees are friendly and know what it takes to provide excellent customer service. We employ only local professionals that know the area, and they are here to take care of any of your water or gas needs, regardless of the severity of the problem or the time or day the problem occurs. Whether you need assistance with your gas appliances, have a toilet break in the middle of the night, or need help installing a new gas hot water heater, Plumber of Your Choice is the first call you should make. We are here 24/7 for all your gas and water needs, and we promise we will do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer for a very long time. With us, there is simply no alternative to doing our best, and we welcome you to contact us at any time so we can prove it to you.

Gas Fitting & Gas Line Repairs in Melbourne

Well-trained and certified technicians.
Top-notch customer service.
4/7 emergency services.
A wide variety of gas fitter repairs in Melbourne and surrounding areas, including gas
appliance and boiler needs.
Service that is fast and efficient.
Reasonable and competitive prices.

24 hour emergency helpline: 1300-360-201

Your call may be recorded for training or quality purposes
Calls may be answered via a call center during out-of-hours


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Quick Service for Leaking Tap and Toilet Repairs

If you have a leaking tap or leaking toilet, you know how frustrating it can be: the constant gurgling and dripping sounds, and the additional charges on your monthly water bill. In some cases, you may even think an appliance, such as a washer, is responsible for the leaking, but it's really coming from the tap itself.

Leaking toilets are another common plumbing problem that should be fixed right away. If you suspect you have a water leak somewhere, or you need some appliance or tap hardware replaced or upgraded, call us! Here at Plumber of Your Choice, we are committed to providing excellent plumbing services and customer services. If you need leaking toilet repairs in Melbourne, we can even get the job done the same day you call us.